Mission & Vision


Offer comprehensive reentry planning, pre-release, by addressing spiritual and practical needs for successful assimilation of individuals experiencing instances of short-term/long-term detention and incarceration back into their communities. 


To set individuals up to flourish assisting them with developing comprehensive reentry plans prior to release


R.I.S.E. Project is a reentry program that focuses on comprehensive reentry planning at CCDOC/IDOC/Juvenile Detention Centers. The goal of the program centers on the introduction of educational, employment, and entrepreneurial training meant to assist with mapping goals and resources needed for successful transitions back into communities. Upon release, participants are connected to the services outlined in their reentry plan and supported by R.I.S.E. to assist with transitions into gainful employment, educational training, and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Reentry Challenges

The reentry candidate faces multiple challenges. Comprehending them without prior planning can be overwhelming. As such, many reentry candidates, without a plan are limited in how to comprehend all aspects of the societal demands needed to flourish in the 21st Century.

Comprehensive Reentry Planning

Comprehensive reentry planning is designed to offer help and support to individuals during detention/incarceration with developing a model of success upon release. Comprehensive reentry planning (CRP) underscores the belief that reentry begins prerelease and is intended for the participant to set goals and plans for life post-release. The goal of CRP is to eradicate recidivism with design thinking: a solution-based approach that helps to establish a process that considers barriers to success and the means to overcome them prerelease.

R.I.S.E. Comprehensive Reentry Planning focuses on five areas: Faith, Critical Decision-Making, Workforce Preparedness, Technology, and Financial Literacy. Courses covering each area are conducted inside correctional facilities (CCDOC) providing support for the people and their plans upon release.  Setting up individuals for success by help to ease and already difficult transition is an essential element of reentry.

Expungement Resources

Having a criminal record—an arrest, misdemeanor or felony charge, or conviction—can have serious consequences for your life. It may affect your chances of getting a job, getting into schools, finding a place to live, or receiving financial aid. Find out how to clear your criminal record and unlock your opportunities!

“Turning Jails into Boarding schools”

R.i.s.e. Resources


Classes offered to help teach essential job skills and essential career entry skills to help land new jobs.

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